all about...little miss divine

Hannah Weber aka ''Little Miss Divine'' was interisted in dance since her early years.

As early as with 3 years she began to take ballet classes in Berlin.

As a teenager she started to love Hip Hop, that passion inspires and animates her to dance everyday till today.

She danced in various projects and different groups till she started connecting with the urban dancestyle at the Flying Steps Dance Academy.

Since then she trains - besides Hip Hop - also Locking, Popping, Breakdance, Jazz, Dancehall, House, Oldschool, Afrohouse, NewStyle, Krumping, Lyrical Modern and Ballett - daily.

Little Miss Divine regulary studies further at various dance workshops of considered dancers. Just in 2009 she successfully joined Workshops in the areas Lyrical Modern, Hip Hop Jazz, Wacking, Hip Hop, House and Locking and extended her skills and knowledge in those styles of dance.

"Dancing is so much fun to me and honestly: I couldn´t imagine my life without dance! I started teaching Hip Hop dance months ago and I wanna bring dance close to other people, so they can learn how to express themselfs."


Some of her teachers are:


Berlin  Atillâ Aktas,  Amigo, Benny, Vartan, Sebi, Mikel (die Flying Steps), Nadia Espiritu, D'Nice, Dolan, Sonia Bartucelli, Mio, Patrizia Kowalak, Rafael Antonio

Cologne April and Chris Reuter (AGC)

Istanbul Banu Sahin

Los Angeles Leslie Scott, Shaun Evaristo, Marty Kudelka, David Moore, Tony Czar, Brooklyn Jai, Kenji Igus, Tessandra Chavez, Sonya Tayeh, Ami Mattison, Erica Soboil, Miguel Zarate, Nina McNeely, Kitty McNamee, Bobby Newberry, Havic, Laura Fremont, Edouard Kouzmitch, Garrett Minniti, Joaquin Escamilla, Tovaris Wilson, Lisa Eaton, Gina Starbuck, Lachlan McCarthy and more









Hannah Weber