1990 to 1994

Ballet at UfaFabrik, with Vicky S.


since 2006

various Workshops in Berlin and Dresden

(Nose Dive 2 Dance Workshop weekend)

Hip Hop, New Style, Modern, Oldschool, House

August 2007 to 2010

daily training at Flying Steps

Dance Academy

(Hip Hop, New Style, Locking, Popping, Breakdance, House,        

Dancehall, Krumping, Jazz, Afro House, Hype/Oldschool)


Additional training at TenDance, Crazystylez, D!s Danceschool, Tanzfabrik, Ballettcentrum, Groovebox, Vivace, ProStage



Shows & Events



April 2008

VIVA live performance in context of "Deine Performance",

2. Place at VIVA Studios, Warschauer Straße/ Berlin


May 23rd - May 24th 2008 and

October 24th - 25th 2008

"Gezeiten Zeiten" danceperformance 

at Kulturfabrik Moabit/ Berlin

Choreography: Angela Rad


Dezember 20th 2008

Christmasshow Hip Hop intermediate and advanced  

at Flying Steps Dance Academy/ Berlin

Choreography: Atillâ Aktas


December 21st 2008

Hip Hop advanced Show at 2BeClub,

Hauptbahnhof/ Berlin

Choreography: Atillâ Aktas


January 2009

Videoshoot for RioJafari with "Don´t turn around"


March 2009

Divine Inc Hip Hop Dance Show

at Kollage, Kreuzberg/ Berlin


April 2009
Nisan Kinderfest Hip Hop Show 

Rotes Rathaus/ Berlin

Choreographie: Atillâ Aktas


June 2009

"Crossing the line" contemporary dance performance,

2 performances at Radialsystem V/ Berlin

Choreography: Jo Parks


July 5th 2009

rerun of "Crossing the line" in the context of a street festival

at Podewil, Klosterstraße/ Berlin

Choreography: Jo Parks


July 17th 2009

Rock im Grünen, Solodancer for a concert of RioJafari

at Biesdorfer Parkbühne/ Berlin

Choreography: Hannah Weber


July 22nd - 25th 2009

Dance animation at "Danse Popullaire"

german-polish-french carnival at Schloss Genshagen


August 15th - 21st 2009

Hip Hop Shows (4 Shows) in the context of Nike Speed Challenge 

at Breitscheidplatz/ Berlin

(to read the article, please click above!)


August 24th 2009

Videoshoot for 2RaumWohnung

"Der letzte Abend auf der Welt" 

at Oranienburger Tor/ Berlin

September 3rd 2009

Flashmob Tribiute to Micheal Jackson by Deluxe Danceteam

at Arena Berlin/Berlin


September 5th 2009 

attendance of "Pick up! Your Talent" Contest (Internet)


September 6th 2009

Videoshoot for Potanthino

Choreo: Christiane Karney


September 11th 2009

Hip Hop Show 

at a roofer commencement 

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Choreo: Atilla Aktas


September 13th 2009

"Crossing the line" 

contemporary piece with Youthcompany TanzZeit

Radialsystem Berlin

Choreo: Jo Parks


Show with Rich&Tone, choreographers of Madonna and Michael Jackson

"sillywalks for hunger"

flashmob/mashmob at universal city walk


April 9th - 11th 2010

"Gezeiten Zeiten" dance performance

at Theater Forum Kreuzberg/Berlin

Choreography: Angela Rad


June 12th/13th 2010

"Swing Symphony" dance performance accompanying to a live concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker with Sir Simon Rattle and Wynton Marsalis at Arena Berlin/Berlin

Choreography: Rhys Martin


February 26th 2011

Jazz Performance for ''a world tour of dance''

Dee's Dance School

Choreography: Patrizia Kowalak


April 26th 2011

Videoshoot for Micheal McGraw - "I'm in love"



May 2011

joined the Berlin Thunder Dance Team


Oct 2011 - Aug 2012

Beginning and Intermediate Hip Hop Dance Instructor at TenDance Berlin Tanz- und Ballettstudio 


Dec 10th 2011

GIRLS TOWN Clubshow, Dancer and Co-Choreographer 

at Kino International

Choreography: Elisabeth Molnar


Dec 17th - 18th 2011

dance ride in Lindow (in Berlin), Choreographer and Co-Choreographer

Management: Elisabeth Molnar


May 26th 2012

"Pickups" and "Hip Hop Youngstars" show in context of "Bühne frei"

at FEZ, Berlin-Köpenick

Choreography: Hannah Weber 


June 8th - 10th 2012

Dinnershow ''Berlin Berlin''

at Montessori School Berlin

Choreography: Hannah Weber


June 22nd - 24th 2012

Dancer/Background Dancer for Jolie Loi

"ProStage - the Show"

at ProStage Berlin


June 27th - 28th

Zumba Education Workshop Completion

at Tanzschule Rimek, Dortmund


September 16th 2012

E.D.I.F.Y. Movement dance performance for Mexican Independence Day

Choreo: Leslie Scott

Chihuhaha, Mexico


October 6th 2012

God Has A Plan For Me Talentshow

Hip Hop solo performance 

Beverly Hills, CA  


November 5th 2012

Concept Video Shoot "Spiritual Warfaire"

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Choreo: Peterson Thelisma


November 10th & 11th 2012

L.A. Unbound

Hip Hop piece "Don't let me''

at El Portal Theater

North Hollywood, CA

Choreo: Courtney Flores


November 23rd - 25th 2012

"ProStage - The Show"


at ProStage Berlin

Choreo: Warnar van Eeden


December 14th 2012

Flashmob in memory of Jonny K

Alexa, Alexanderplatz



December 23rd 2012

Christmas Show - Hip Hop/Lyrical Hip Hop

La Mambita Salsa Dance School


Choreo: Steffi Mel, Marta Del Puerto, Hannah Weber  


December 30th 2012

Pre-Sylvester Party - Latin/House Show

La Mambita Salsa Dance School


Choreo: Steffi Mel, Marta Del Puerto, Hannah Weber  


January 4th - 17th 2013

E.D.I.F.Y. Mission Trip

several dance Outreaches 

Anahuac, Chihuahua, Mexico

Choreo: E.D.I.F.Y.


January 9th 2013

E.D.I.F.Y. Praise Dance Hip Hop Show

Casa de la Esperanza

Chihuahua, Mexico

Artistic Director: Leslie Scott

Choreo: E.D.I.F.Y.


March 26th 2013

Carnival Choreographer's Ball

E.D.I.F.Y. - I shall be free


Hollywood, CA

Artistic Director: Leslie Scott

Choreo: Leslie Scott, Gina Starbuck, Djuan Watts, Chris Koehl and Courtney Flores


April 26th 2013

UPL show case

Kulturgiesserei Schöneiche/Förderverein

Schöneiche, near Berlin

Choreo: Hannah Weber and Steffi Mel


May 26th 2013

UPL Fundraiser show case for E.D.I.F.Y.

Kreativhaus e.V.


Choreography: Hannah Weber

Artistic Direction: Hannah Weber


June 8th 2013

UPL and Kids Company Fundraiser show case for E.D.I.F.Y.

TU Kinderkampus 


Choreography: Hannah Weber and Steffi Mel (UPL)


June 16th 2013

UPL Show case ''How much love need man?''

Lange Tafel 

Neukölln, Berlin

Choreography: Hannah Weber and Steffi Mel (UPL)


since July 2013

Zumba™ Instructor at ''CrunchFit'' Fitness

Mon, 5-5.40pm & 5.45-6.25pm

Sun, 11.30-12.30pm & 12.35-1.35pm


since August 2013   

Hip Hop Intructor,  open level at ''La Mambita'' Salsa Danceschool

Weds, 5-6pm & 6-7pm


September 5th 2013

Project ''Wir sind hier''

Opening for ARS Electronical Festival 

presented in Linz, Austria

Concept: Claudius Brodmann


Zumba Fundraiser Party
Kinder am Schloss


Dance and Organization: Hannah Weber

Zumba Fundraiser Party
La Mambita Salsa Dance Factory


Dance and Organization: Hannah Weber


Zumba Fundraiser Party

Traumtänzer Danceschool at Tempelhof Airport


Dance: Hannah Weber, Christiane Poggemöller, Yvonne Richtsteig & Marni W.

Organization/Lead: Hannah Weber


Schaunwama - Artist Stage

Solo Performance ''Thankful''


Choreography: Hannah Weber



Diverse ''E.D.I.F.Y.'' showcases in Los Angeles and assisting Leslie Scott for classes, workshops, events in California and Arizona


June 1st 2017

Music-Video shoot "Don't touch my Totoro"

Choreo: Hannah Weber
Dancers: Hannah Weber, Lia Till, Ambar De La Horra


July 2017

"4 Hochzeiten und eine Traumreise"



Oktober 2017

started teaching DanceFit at Holmes Place Gym Berlin Gendarmenmarkt


Oktober 2017

started teaching Hip Hop classes at VfL Berlin Lichterfelde


Dec 16th 2017

XMas-Shows at VfL Basketball games

Choreo: Hannah Weber


Feb 18th 2018

Show ``New Beginnings`` at Kreativhaus e.V.

Choreo/Artistic Director: Hannah Weber


April 6th 2018

Videoshoot ``Immer noch fühlen`` - Revolverheld



April 29th 2018

Show ``We create`` at Kreativhaus e.V.

Choreo/Artistic Director: Hannah Weber


September 2018

started to teach Hip Hop for Kids and Teens at Traumtänzer Flughafen Tempelhof


November 2018

started teaching Hip Hop for Kids and Teens at La Danse Kleinmachnow




Hannah Weber