what is "happy feet"?

"Happy Feet" is just a phrase that describes me the best!


I am a very happy person, if you meet me on the street I will probably smile at you!

I love life and also love to dance. My life is filled with dance so it can not be better!


Also I am a proffesional beautician and mostly I give Pedicures, so my customer leave with happy feet!


.... And happy feet is my favourite dance move since years! You see, the two little words "happy feet" mean a lot to me!


Live Life and praise it with dance!!

for me ''happy feet'' has a double meaning...


... on the one hand its a dancestep

on the other hand it means healthy and to have beautiful feet.


Our feet carry us the hole day and getting debited. So its necessary to cosset them.

Healthy feet helps you to float through your day easily.


Particular as a dancer and a beauty specialist  that is a big topic for me. Cause feet, hands and a flawless appearance are important to make you feel great about yourself!



Discover yourself and our services brand new and let us spoil you with our cosmetic treatment.

My service is build on three pillars:

to experience:

We create an extraordinary and effective beauty program especially for you.

to spoil:

We treat your skin with noble valuable products to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

to enjoy:

Get pleasant calm and happyness!


Hannah Weber