United Performance Lab @ TU Kindercampus

Hi everyone!

We are performing at TU Berlin Kindercampus next sunday, June 8th, and it will be a fundraiser to help the E.D.I.F.Y. Movement help the world! If this is to omnibus, let me give some examples: The E.D.I.F.Y. Movement is going on Mission Trips to Chihuahua, Mexico on a regular basis (ca 4 times a year) and teach the kids of the Orphanage Casa de la Esperanza various styles of dance, crafts, singing and also helping the staff with kitchen duty and watching the kids at night so they have somebody if they have a nightmare.

Please check out E.D.I.F.Y. on youtube or videos on here (E.D.I.F.Y.) for documentations about the last 2 Mission Trips and learn more about Casa!

Christmas Show

It’s Christmas time… not only is it cold and snow is laying all over the place, also the Christmas parties are coming up, finally!

On december 23rd La Mambita, the hottest Salsa Dance School in Kreuzberg, is having their annual Christmas party, including Steffi Mel, Hannah Weber and Marta Del Puerto who are throwing in a hip hop show to entertain you!

Get ready for a night of fun and entertainment – and don’t forget to try all the cookies!

Sunday, dec 23rd, 7pm at Mehringdamm 33… entry: 4€


We are looking forward to see you there soon!

Best of Unbound


This past weekend, L.A. Unbound had their 10th anniversary Show, the Best of Unbound! You could vote for your favorite pieces to see them again live on stge, but also there has been something you've never seen before: Courtney Flores created the Hip Hop piece "Don't let me" (Song by Jay Z) wich was created for the anniversary and therefore completely new!

Hannah Weber/Little Miss Divine danced in this piece alongside aproximately 20 other talented dancers, including Courtney herself. It was an amazing expirience sharing the message with the audience at El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood this last weekend Nov 10th and 11th 2012!

We cannot wait till the next show in spring!

Hannah Weber